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Your equestrian riding adventure starts here, with FEI Equestriad World Tour!

Select, care for, train and learn to manage your own stable of three day eventing champion horses as you compete to become a world champion in 5 star events!

Play Equestriad World Tour (EWT) for the ultimate 3-day eventing experience. Learn to master the riding skills of dressage, cross-country and show-jumping.

Build a world class stable of riders and horses to become a world champion in your own right. From paddock to the podium - progress from 1* through 4* events to ultimately compete on legendary 5* three day international events, including Badminton, Burghley, Kentucky, Maryland & Adelaide.

Incorporate into your own stable some of the world’s leading riders and their horses, learn to ride and become a breeder, horse trainer, stable manager, an expert dressage, cross country and show jumping rider and more. Create your own equestrian team with family and friends, compete with other teams from across the globe and make it to the top of the leaderboards.

care for your horse


Equestriad 2001, designed as a three day eventing simulator, was released (before the days of smartphones) on PC and for Playstation 1.

Craig, the founder of FEI Equestriad World Tour (EWT) came up with the idea for Equestriad 2001 when his sister was unable to go riding due to weather on a rainy day.

Craig’s company at the time, Transmission Games, had also previously launched Mary King’s Riding Star (1999), The Saddle Club – Willowbrook Stables (2002), and Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge (2006).

And today, FEI Equestriad World Tour was born based on his previous concepts. FEI Equestriad World Tour is a world first multiplayer/team equestrian game which delivers a fun, realistic portrayal of the equestrian 3-day eventing sport of dressage, exciting cross-country & jumping competition.

In addition to all of this, the game includes celebrity riders, bundles, season passes and internationally recognised eventing courses. 

FEI Equestriad World Tour is published by GoGallop Studios and developed by Mighty Games. GoGallop is a leading publisher of equestrian games across mobile, tablet and desktop.

GoGallop’s executive producers have released multiple critically and commercially successful games including the popular Saddle Club series, Bella Sara, Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge, Equestriad 2000 and the world’s first equestrian PC game, Mary King’s Riding Star.

Live the equestrian life with GoGallop games! For more information on GoGallop please visit the website or Facebook.


You can download FEI Equestriad World Tour via the App store for iOS devices and the Google Play store for Android devices.

The minimum requirements to run the game on your device are iOS 13 and above for Apple iPhone and iPad and Android 10 and above for Android Smartphones and tablets. Due to the size of the game, playing the game is subject to individual device memory and processing capacity, with a minimum of 2MB required to run efficiently.


Immerse yourself in the world of 3-day eventing, the pressure of dressage, the thrill of cross country and the discipline of show-jumping through high quality animations, cinematic finishes , and realistic commentary by a panel of equine experts.

Eventing (also known as three day eventing or horse trials) is an equestrian event where a horse and rider compete against other competitors across the three disciplines of a dressage test, cross-country test and show jumping test.

Show jumping:

  • Competitive equestrian event in which horse and rider are required to jump
  • Usually within a time limit
  • A series of obstacles that have been designed for a particular show
  • Main goal is to finish the course as fast as possible


  • A form of riding performed in exhibition and competition
  • An art sometimes pursued solely for the sake of mastery
  • Main goal is to score the highest amount of points as possible 

Cross country:

  • Often referred to as just “XC” or as Hunter trials
  • An equestrian sport that sees rider and horse tackling a long course with jumps and other obstacles
  • Main goal is to finish the course as fast as possible


Now that you’ve downloaded the game, it’s time to create your Avatar! Full rider and horse customisation is available to create your own personality, colours, and horse to reach the final podium.

First, enter your name (this is how you’ll be listed and recognised on the leaderboard) and then choose your Avatar. 

Tip: you can always change your Avatar and name later if you change your mind!


Okay, so now that you’re all set, it’s time to pick your first horse! The first thing you should see is the horse shop screen, which features the daily horse that you can choose to purchase. While you may only see one horse stall today, every 10 reputation levels you reach, another stall will unlock.

Before making any horse purchase, it’s important to inspect your horse to establish their maximum potential (the highest potential they could ever reach).

Note: Currently, horses cannot gain stats after reaching level 20 but in the future this may change.

Each time you ‘level up’, your ‘Horse Potential’ gradually increases and each time your train your horse, its stats increase.

You can have up to six horses at the same time. A new stall will be unlocked at level 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.

As you progress through the game you’ll also be able to purchase different breeds:
Hanoverian at level 15
Dutch Warmblood at level 25
Irish Sport at level 35
Anglo Arabian at level 45

Now that you’ve chosen your first horse, it's time to explore everything on offer in FEI Equestriad World Tour!


FEI Equestriad World Tour is a free to play, family-friendly mobile game that delivers a fun, realistic portrayal of the equestrian 3-day eventing sport of dressage, exciting cross-country & jumping competition.


Welcome to your riding club!

The main dashboard allows you to have a snapshot of your current condition, see what’s new (a yellow dot notification informs you when there is something new) and manage all the aspects of your daily riding experience.

FEI Equestriad World Tour Dashboard
  1. Your current level: Tap on to see your current experience (XP) and what you will get when reaching the next level.
  2. Challenges: Tap on to see the status of your challenges and claim experience points (XP) once you’ve reached them!
  3. Energy bar: This bar shows your current energy condition.
  4. Silver Horseshoes: Check your total amount of this common currency.
  5. Golden Horseshoes: Check your total amount of the premium and rare currency.
  6. Settings: Tap on to manage all the game settings.
  7. Ranking: Have a look at the global and teams week’s ranking.
  8. Teams: Here you can send a friend request, add friends, join a team or create your own one when you reach level 5.
  9. You’ve Got Mail!: Read news and deals right to your inbox!
  10. Recovering Energy: You and your horse need time to recover after a competition. Here you can see how long it takes to recover energy points.
  11. Events Tab: In this board, you can see all the available events: LIVE EVENTS, GRAND PRIXS and EXHIBITIONS.
  12. Freeplay Mode: Here you can practice your jumps and view your horse without time restrictions.
  13. Horse Tab: The access to your stable. Here you can take care of all your horses and buy new ones.
  14. Style Tab: Manage the outfit of your rider and horses. Here you can also change your avatar aspect and name.
  15. Store Tab: The store figures all the items, supplies and currency packs you can purchase as well as limited offers!
  16. Season Tab: Get your season pass here!


Hold your horses! Before you compete in your first event (Herning League), let’s cover off the controls, preferences and how to use them. 


You can choose different difficulty levels: SIMPLE, CASUAL, NORMAL or EXPERT and you can choose different set up for SPEED, STEERING and JOYSTICK:

Controls 2


Silver Horseshoes are your main form of currency which you will earn from completing an event, levelling up or performing a perfect move or jump.

Golden Horseshoes are a premium form of currency which you will earn from placing high in live events, leveling up, completing challenges and progressing through tiers on the Season Pass.


Celebrity Riders



Welcome to your stables! Here you can check your horses’ condition, take care of them and train them.

  1. Horse name and breed: Your current horse name and its breed.
  2. Change horse name: Tap on to change the name of your horse.
  3. Horse level: This bar shows your current horse level (currently horse level is capped at level 10).
  4. Bond level: It shows the level of bonding between you and your horse.
  5. Horse condition: The current condition of your horse: POOR, AVERAGE, GREAT or EXCELLENT.
  6. Horse care: Tap on to wash, brush, clean hooves and give traits to your horse!
  7. Horse stats: Here you can see the stats of your horse and the potential.
  8. Train: Click on this button when you want your horse to be trained.
  9. Selected horse: This button allows you to choose which horse you want to ride in the next competition.
  10. Sell horse: Tap this button to see the value of the horse and then decide if to sell it.


Training your horse permanently raises its potential. Each time you train your horse you will see its potential increase. Each time you level up your horse your horse's actual stats will increase. It's worthwhile leveling up your horse as a faster horse has more endurance will perform better, particularly in cross country.

You don't see the actual increase it contributes until you level up. Only leveling up horses increases the stats. 

Training takes time to complete, but you can spend Golden Horses to speed this up!



Horse care boosts your horse conditions.  After an event you’ll want to give your horse some food and care. Enjoy the experience of giving them a brush, cleaning their hooves or reward your horses by giving them a treat. Caring for your horse also increases your Bond and improves their overall performance in Events.


  • When you do something your horse doesn’t like, they become nervous and the Temper increases. To calm them down, tap on the Pet button and pet your horse. 
  • If you are unable to groom/care for your horse, just go to the settings from the main menu and toggle the haptics - this usually fixes the issue!

Horse care


  • Horse Power (potential): represents your current stats. These stats increase as your horse progresses higher through each level. As each horse levels up (from level 1) they will gain 10 Horse Power per level. For example, once your horse has reached level 7, your horse power will be 60.  Horses are currently capped at level 10 and will not continue to gain levels or horse power after reaching level 10. 
  • Maximum Potential Limit: represents, well, exactly that - the highest possible that your horse can ever achieve. Simple!
  • Trained Potential represents: how much a horse has been trained, however training a horse increases a horse’s training potential.


In addition to purchasing horses from the store, you can buy and sell horses from your stable. You can only buy a new horse if you have a stall available.


Under the events tab on your home dashboard you can access a variety of events to build your skills and gain reputation points so you level up. Access to some events is dependent on the completion of earlier events and in some cases, gaining a minimum position on the leaderboard.


Compete in Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping events from around the world.

Qualifier Series 1 Star (Level 1 required):

  • Herning League
  • Bromont Series
  • Jardy Horse Show - you must place at least 12th or above in the previous event to unlock
  • Ballindenisk Club - you must place at least 12th or above in the previous event to unlock

Novice Series 2 Star (Level 5 required):

  • Birmingham Grandstand
  • Maryland Horse Trials
  • Werribee Superstars
  • Brigadoon Rivalry - you must place at least 10th or above in the previous event to unlock

Advanced Series 3 Star (Level 10 required):

  • Sydney Three Day Event
  • Paderborn Super Show
  • Pratoni Del Vivaro Cup - you must place at least 8th or above in the previous event to unlock
  • New Market Elites - you must place at least 8th or above in the previous event to unlock
  • Chaumont En Vexin Trials - you must place at least 8th or above in the previous event to unlock or purchase the instant access pass

Pro Series 4 Star (Level 25 required):

  • Equestrian Stockholm Event
  • Canberra Showdown - you must place at least 6th or above in the previous event to unlock
  • New York Championship - you must place at least 6th or above in the previous event to unlock
  • Strzegom Conquerers - you must place at least 6th or above in the previous event to unlock

Championship Series 5 Star (Level 40 required or instant access purchase from the store):

  • Badminton 2020 Horse Trials
  • Land Rover Kentucky
  • Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials
  • Australian Internation 3DE
  • Badminton 2021 Horse Trials
  • Maryland 5Star(TM) at Fair Hill


Compete in FEI Show Jumping and Dressage events from around the world. There are currently thee Pro Series events available with more being added regularly.

  • Shanghai eJumping Test
  • Shanghai eDressage Test
  • Sydney eJumping Test - you must place at least 6th or above in the previous event to unlock.


Elite Equestrians is a live event where you compete against players from around the world to win prizes.


Freeplay single events. There are currently 39 exhibition events available based on the events available in the Grand Prix tab.



The FEI Equestriad World Tour Event scoring system is designd to closely align to the real world scoring system. Each trial is penalty based and the penalties are unique to each discipline. An Event consists of three Trials. During Trials, lower scores are better. The player's penalty points determine their final position in the Event. This position is then awarded Grand Prix points following the FEI table (see attached). The player's aggregated GP points determines their position on the Global Leaderboard. With the Global Leaderboard higher scores are better.

  • Dressage Trial: Made up of several moves executed in a timely manner with your horse moving at a designated pace. Each move is judged out of 10 points, with penalties accruing in 0.5 increments.
  • Show Jumping Trial: Knocking down obstacles results in a 2 point penalty. A refusal or run out is 4 penalty points.
  • Cross Country Trial: 20 Penalty Points are awarded for each run out or refusal.

Jumping courses are to be completed within an optimum time, called Par time. Penalty points are awarded for exceeding the par time at a rate of 0.4 points per second over par.

At the end of each GP Event your final position on the scoreboard determines the amount of GP points awarded. The sum total of these points determines your position on the Global Leaderboard.

There are several things that can affect your Trial scores such as the difficulty level of controls, the condition of your horse as well as celebrity avatars and epic outfits.


Earn reputation points by completing events to level up in the game.


Earn XP by completing challenges to claim tier bonuses in the season pass.



The season pass is your opportunity to gain bonuses in the game based on completing challenges. There are two levels to the season pass - the free level is available to all players. For premium bonuses, you can purchase a season pass upgrade in the Store.


When you enter the store, there are four areas to navigate. Here we’ll take you through what each one means and what they include.


You will see the following limited offers in the store which can be purchased with Golden Horseshoes: the latest Celebrity Bundle and the Horse of the Day.
Here you will also find the ‘Premium Bundles’.


The Featured items section refreshes every four hours. You will find items including tack and outfit additions to choose from. While some items can be purchased with Silver Horseshoes, others will require Golden Horseshoes. And then in other instances, you may see items you’re unable to purchase until you’ve reached a particular level to unlock them.


This is where you can purchase supplies to care for your horses to ensure they maintain optimum performance in events. You can buy individual supplies which rotate regularly, an instant supply bundle with three of each item and a permanent supply bundle is also available. The permanent supply bundle contains a rubber curry comb, a soft body brush, a regular hoof pick and a regular hoof brush.


FEI Equestriad World Tour uses Gold Horseshoes and Silver Horseshoes as the in-game currency. Gold Horseshoe and Silver Horseshoe currency packs can be purchased for use in the game.


In the style section, you can change your avatar, outfit and horse tack.


All players have a selection of avatars available to choose from. If you purchase a celebrity rider bundle, your celebrity avatar can be selected here.


One of the highlights of FEI Equestriad World Tour is the ability to style your avatar for each event. You can select an outfit for Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. All players are provided with a selection of free outfits and more can be purchased in the store.

Tip: Check the default style box for the outfit you want displayed on your home dashboard.


Just as you can style your avatar, you can also style your horses. You can select tack for Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. All players are provided with a selection of free tack and more can be purchased in the store.

Tip: Check the default style box for the horse style you want displayed on your home dashboard.



You can join or create a team to compete with other players from around the world for prizes. 

Note: The Teams feature unlocks at level 5.



If you have a question or an issue playing FEI Equestriad World Tour, please contact support.

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