Where can I find the settings menu?

You can find the settings menu within the home screen in the Stables.

What is the difference between a horse leveling up after a 3-day eventing competition and when its stats get trained to a new level?

Horses level up once they have gained enough experience from eventing competition experience. While this doesn’t immediately improve their stats, it does allow the horse to be trained  and cared for better, which will improve your horse’s overall stats.

What do the different horse grades mean?

A horse’s grade determines what range its level one stats can be, as well as what its maximum level is. Horses with higher grades tend to have slightly higher level one stats and can be trained to perform at even higher levels. This means that they start a little bit better than a horse of the grade below and will end up being much better when they are fully trained especially in 4* & 5* eventing competitions.

How do I contact customer support or make an enquiry?

To contact our friendly Customer Support team, tap the SETTINGS button on the home screen. You can contact them from the GoGallop tab or email support@gogallop.comenquiries@gogallop.com or complete the feedback form to report an issue playing the game.

What is the horse riding controls during eventing competitions?

During dressage, cross country or show jumping competition you can do the following; make the horse canter, trot and gallop, slow down the horse, steer the horse left or right and jump.

Navigation on the courses and jump mechanics are easy to perform but will get progressively harder as you move from 1* to 5* level competitions. You have options for your preferred control scheme (“Reins” or standard style “Joystick). You can change these settings in the in-game and main menu settings.


Reins: Speed is controlled by pushing the joystick reins up or down on the screen.

Buttons: Speed is controlled by two ^/v buttons that control the acceleration and deceleration of your horse’s speed.


Reins: Joystick visual is of a horse’s reins, toggle to turn your horse in the direction you require.

Thumb stick: Joystick is a plain joystick visual, toggle to turn your horse in the direction you require.


Free: Joystick can appear anywhere on the left-hand side of the screen when you make an input.

Fixed: The joystick will stay fixed in one location on the left-hand side of your screen.


You can jump by pressing the large horse icon button on the right side of your screen.

How does the game back up my progress and can I restore it?

Backing Up Your Game Progress

• Your data will automatically be saved to iCloud or Google Play, if you have these services enabled.

• If you sign into Facebook within the game, all of your game data will be stored on our servers for you to restore at any time.

• You can connect to Facebook in the settings menu via the Stables.

Restoring Your Backed-Up Game Progress

• Your data should automatically restore from iCloud or Google Play when you reinstall the game.

• Your game data can also be restored if you have backed it up through Facebook.

• To restore Facebook data, tap restore profile in the bottom left corner of the first screen that appears after booting the game.

• You will need to be signed into Facebook on your device for your data to be restored.

Will the game run properly on my device?

The minimum requirements to run the game on your device are:

Apple iPhone & iPads: any devices capable of running iOS 13 and above.

Android Smartphones & Tablets: any device capable of running Android 9 and above